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“I am someone who has always had fitness goals, but always seemed to get in my own way. Dean @ fitnessGRANTed has that perfect balance of being tough, but kind in order to get me to keep going, push through and not give up during the work out. I feel like for the first time, with his help, I'm pushing past what I ever thought was possible!”​
Alex Covington, Actress


“I've never sweat so much in my life! LOL But I feel great!”​
Jeff Dixon, Security Systems Analyst


“I've worked with trainers in the past--to no avail.  Dean's simple, yet effective approach has helped me overcome plateaus and reach goals I thought were impossible."​
Jayne Figueroa, Retail Store Manager​


“Dean is an awesome trainer. He's equal parts drill sergeant and teddy bear.  He pushes me further than I think I can go but does it with a smile and is always encouraging."
Lois Barrington, Student​

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